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Gas Generation

MVS exhibiting in Bangladesh at Asia Pharma Expo

16 Jan, 2017

MVS Engineering Ltd.  is pleased to announce its participation in The 9th International Exhibition on complete Pharma Manufacturing exhibition and conference widely known as “Asia Pharma Expo” (23-25 February, 2017) at International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB), Dhaka, Bangladesh. We decided to mark our presence in this renowned expo in Bangladesh as Pharmaceutical is one of the…

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Nitrogen usage in milk packaging / milk powder retail pouch packing

30 Sep, 2016

MVS manufactures high purity nitrogen generators for use in milk powder packaging & also in packaging of Food products / cereals. Many milk powder manufacturing units are using MVS nitrogen generators in India and other countries such as Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, Nigeria etc . MVS nitrogen gas generation plants are skid mounted units, supplied in ready…

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MVS Medical Oxygen Generators

21 Sep, 2016

MVS manufactures fully automatic Oxygen generators to produce 95% purity Oxygen from air.  Electrical power is the only running cost.   Cost of Oxygen generation is less than 0.15 USD$ (15 cents) (Rs. 10) per cubic meter. The gas generator is skid mounted, fully automatic for round the clock working. Oxygen purity is continuously displayed on the…

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True cost of Gas you buy in cylinders

3 Sep, 2016

Disclaimer: This article is highlighting areas of concern which are unknown to many customers. It is only meant to be a handy tool for customer awareness and should be used for informational purposes only. When purchasing a cylinder, the user or the purchaser at a minimum is aware of the following:   • Size of…

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Why Medical Oxygen generator makes sense for hospitals?

24 Aug, 2016

We get asked a lot of questions regarding why it makes sense for a hospital to invest in a medical oxygen generator. We compile some of the important queries and try to answer them here in a concise format Is the oxygen produced in onsite oxygen generator pure and same as the cylinder oxygen? Oxygen produced by…

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Nitrogen-Hydrogen (HNX) mix gas requirement for Galvanizing of Steel Sheets

4 Aug, 2016

Galvanization (or galvanizing as it is most commonly called in the Steel industry) is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting. The quality of the processing relies on the ability to handle correctly the heat cycle and the strip surface by the control of three processing parameters. A gas…

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Carbon Molecular Sieves – Explained

26 May, 2016

Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) are used in PSA (pressure swing adsorption) Nitrogen gas generators. CMS also finds use in other separations like Hydrogen refinement from crude sources and also biogas refining. However, in this blog, we specifically referring to CMS for Nitrogen production. CMS operates at a molecular level and under pressure separates oxygen from nitrogen when fed…

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Medical Oxygen Generator for 125 bed hospital in Uttar Pradesh

7 Apr, 2016

MVS has successfully commissioned another 10 NM3/hr Capacity Medical Oxygen generator in a leading 125 bed hospital in Allahabad. This is our Fourth Medical Oxygen generator installation in Northeast India, others are being successfully running in other leading Hospitals. Customer procured PSA Medical Oxygen Gas Plant from MVS of following specifications: Technology: PSA Oxygen Technology Capacity: 10 NM3/hr…

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Blanketing of Oil and Chemical Tanks using Nitrogen Generator

11 Nov, 2015

MVS has successfully commissioned 5 PSA Nitrogen plants to an Indian multinational conglomerate company on the west side of the Hazira peninsula. The group is the largest port developer and our 5 large capacity Nitrogen plants are running to provide blanketing of oil and gas tanks. Customer procured PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant from MVS of…

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Pigging using Nitrogen Gas

11 Oct, 2015

MVS recently commissioned 2 – PSA Nitrogen plants to an Indian multinational conglomerate company. Its diversified businesses includes resources, logistics, agribusiness and energy sectors. The Group is the largest port developer and our 2 plants are supplied to their oil tanking terminal in Western India. Customer procured PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant from MVS of following…

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