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Nitrogen / GC

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

The Nitrogen gas generator works on principle of separation of air into Nitrogen and Oxygen.

PSA (Pressure swing adsorption) technology separates nitrogen molecules from the other gas molecules by the carbon molecular sieves (CMS). Alternating between both CMS columns, firstly O2 , moisture, hydrocarbons, CO2, and other “contaminants” are absorbed, allowing the nitrogen to flow into an accumulation tank. From the accumulation tank the nitrogen is pressurized and delivered to the generator outlet for use.

Compressed Air supply:

  • The Nitrogen generators require a source of compressed air.
  • If you have compressed air available, we can use that for our gas generator.
  • If you do not have compressed air, then we also provide Model: A201 external air compressor that is designed to provide sufficient air for up to 2 nitrogen generators
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