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Heat Reactivated Air Dryers

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter
  • A fully Automatic unit requiring no attention of the operator. Heaters switch ON/ off and all valves operate automatically.
  • Pressure is equalized to line pressure before changeover of drying vessels. This prevents pressure and flow surge, and, desiccant dusting
  • Low purge air requirement in comparison to Heatless type dryer.
  • Desiccant life is around 5 years.
  • Internal heaters provide maximum heat transfer efficiency resulting in lower power requirement.
  • Counter current heated dry purge air provides maximum removal of moisture with minimum gas purge loss.
  • Heaters are not in physical contact with the desiccant, resulting in long life of desiccant.
  • Standard units are designed to deliver dry gas / air of (-)40˚C Dew Point. By using more purge airflow, and using Molecular sieves, Dew point of (-) 80˚C can be achieved.
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