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Heatless Air Dryers

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Simple Design / Easy operation
This is the simplest type of Air Dryer with Activated Alumina / Molecular sieves drying agent. This design is virtually maintenance free, fully automatic, and requires no attention for years. Heatless type dryers do not require any heating for re-generation and therefore are very simple in design and maintenance free.

Low Investment / Low operating cost

  • Due to its inherent simple design, investment in this type of dryer is the cheapest and the payback on this investment is very quick.
  • Low temperature operation reduces corrosion in towers and desiccant lasts longer.
  • Power requirement is 60 watts only for solenoid valves operation.

They save energy besides economising purge by reducing the loss of purge to a minimum of 50%.

The moisture load is lessened by the auto drain valves in pre and oil filters. Therefore the desiccant life is secured without any extra cost.

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