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Refrigerant Air Dryers

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Technical Specifications

  • Air capacity

    50 to 15000 NM3/hr

  • Dew point
    Up to (-)23˚C
  • Operating pressure

    0.5 to 100 kg/ cm2g


A refrigerated air dryer is the most commonly used type of compressed air dryer / Gas Dryer for most plant applications for the drying of plant air and other utility gases like Seal gas , hydrogen gas for generator cooling , nitrogen Gas drying etc. where a dew point of (+2) Deg. C. at line pressure i.e. (-22 )Deg. C. at atmospheric pressure) is an acceptable norm.

Model – SP
In small Air capacities upto 500 NM3/hr we offer Model-SP. This model features very simple and very compact design consisting of a heat exchanger with freon tubes. Air flows outside the tubes and gets cooled to 3˚C temperature. Moisture condenses out and is drained continuously. The out going air is of (+)3˚C Pressure Dew Point which is equivalent to approx (-)23˚C dew point at atmospheric pressure.

Model – AA
For larger air drying capacities, typically above 500 NM3/hr, we supply Model-AA. It is a skid mounted unit consisting of Air-Freon chiller, Air to Air pre-Cooler and a moisture separator. First air is precooled with outgoing chilled air to around 25˚C and then it is cooled in a freon cooler to (+)3˚C temperature. This reduces power consumption. Outgoing dry air has (+)3˚C Pressure Dew Point and comes out at around 25˚C temperature. (+)3˚C Dew Point is equal to around (-)23˚C Atmospheric Pressure Dew Point. 

Dew Point
(-)23˚C is the best possible Dew Point achievable from Refrigerated Air Dryers. Lower Dew Point ls not possible from Refrigerated Dryer as moisture condensed would start freezing on freon tubes if lower dew points are tried. This (-)23˚C Dew point is adequate for most dry air applications and Instrument air requirements.


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