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Gas Purifiers

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1) Molecular Sieve Purifier (No Hydrogen Loss)
Hydrogen Purity – Up to 99.999%

This purifier consists of two distinct purification steps including:

De-oxo – to remove Oxygen
Molecular Sieve purifier – A twin tower heated type molecular sieve purifier for removing balance impurities

2) Palladium Purifier

Hydrogen Purity – 99.99999+% (Ultra-High Pure Hydrogen)

We offer these purification systems in partnership with Hy9 of USA, a leading palladium purifier manufacturer. With over 1000 purifiers in operation worldwide, this technology offers one of the most cost effective ways to get pure Hydrogen.
Among various applications, these purifiers are very suitable for:

Purifying a cracked Ammonia slip-stream for pure Hydrogen
Purification of Hydrogen rich stream such as commercial grade Hydrogen cylinders

3) H2Pure – Cylinder Hydrogen purification

If you are sourcing technical grade Hydrogen cylinders (99.999%) purity, then you are paying too much. A better alternative is to source commercial grade Hydrogen cylinders (99.9%) and pass the Hydrogen through our Palladium purifier to get 99.99999+% pure Hydrogen. ROI on these units is as little as 6-months.

We supply H2Pure Hydrogen Purification systems to cater to flows up to 5 Nm3/hr of impure Hydrogen. The systems are completely plug-n-play and you simply need to provide connections to your feed Hydrogen stream and a power connection.

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