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Ammonia Crackers are a reliable source of Hydrogen Nitrogen (HNX) mix for a variety of industries such as Heat treatment of metals, sintering furnaces, metal powder production among many others.

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Technical Facts


Flow Range

We design and deliver Ammonia crackers in a wide flow range. Starting at 1 nm3/hr, we can offer very small compact systems to very high cracked gas flow rates in a single furnace as high as 1000 nm3/hr.


Cracked Gas Purity

Our custom designed systems are tailored to your gas purity requirement. Standard cracked gas mixture is in a ratio of 75% H2 : 25% N2. We can modulate the cracked gas mix with varying hydrogen and nitrogen percentages. Uncracked ammonia concentration can also be modulated from 100 ppm down to 1 ppm depending on customer’s requirements and budget.


Hydrogen – High Purity

If the customer requires high purity Hydrogen gas, say at 99%, we offer a purification unit downstream of the cracker furnace which removes the excess Nitrogen and uncracked ammonia. With this option, customer gets high purity Hydrogen.


Dew Point

Where important for customer’s process requirement of dry gas, our systems can be designed to deliver cracked ammonia gas at a dew point as low as (-) 80°C. We also offer measuring instruments for online detection of gas dryness.



Cracked gas can be delivered to the customer’s process or storage tanks at a pressure as high as 7 kg/cm2g without the need of a booster compressor. We can also offer and integrate a booster if the customer requires cracked gas at a higher pressure.

MVS Ammonia Cracker

MVS Engineering

How it works

Ammonia Cracking Hydrogen generators are Catalytic cracking units in which Ammonia (NH3) is disassociated to Hydrogen and Nitrogen.

2NH3 = 3H2 + N2

Refrigeration grade Ammonia is from cylinders or tanks is used as feed. The product gas has 75% Hydrogen and 25% Nitrogen. If required for customer’s process, this gas can be further purified in a Molecular Sieves unit by removing un-cracked Ammonia and moisture.


Ammonia Crackers are extensively used in the following industries where Hydrogen or a Hydrogen-Nitrogen mix is required:

  • Heat Treatment Furnaces
    • Annealing
    • Sintering
    • Galvanizing
  • Reducing furnace atmosphere
  • Stainless Steel bright annealing
  • Carbon Steel bright annealing
MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering

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