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Ammonia Cracker

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity

    1 NM3/hr to 1000 NM3/hr

  • Purity
    100-ppm to 1-ppm uncracked Ammonia
  • Pressure
    Up to 7-Bar
    without a Booster Compressor
  • Dew Point
    Up to (-) 80˚C

MVS has been manufacturing and supplying very reliable and efficient Ammonia Cracking Units for over three decades. Our experience and knowledge of Ammonia Crackers is the best in the industry and we are looked upon as the industry leaders for these type of Hydrogen generators.

Turnkey execution

We execute turnkey projects and custom design these Ammonia Cracking units as per customer capacity requirements. At the foundation of each project is a very robust design that has stood the test of time and is very well proven technology today.

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