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Hydrogen Purifier

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity
    1 to 1,000 Nm3/hr
  • Pressure
    Up to 25-bar
  • Purity
    Up to 99.9999%
  • Dew Point
    Up to (-) 80°C

Technologies available

Whether you are looking for pure Hydrogen from a crude Hydrogen-rich stream or wanting to further purify Hydrogen available from commercial cylinders, we can develop a solution for you. We offer two distinct technologies depending on the grade of Hydrogen you require:

Molecular Sieve Purifier (No Hydrogen Loss)

Hydrogen Purity – Up to 99.999%
This purifier consists of two distinct purification steps including:

  • De-oxo – to remove Oxygen
  • Molecular Sieve purifier – A twin tower heated type molecular sieve purifier for removing balance impurities

Palladium Purifier

Hydrogen Purity – 99.99999+% (Ultra-High Pure Hydrogen)
We offer these purification systems in partnership with Hy9 of USA, a leading palladium purifier manufacturer. hy9logorgb_100-2With over 1000 purifiers in operation worldwide, this technology offers one of the most cost effective ways to get pure Hydrogen.
Among various applications, these purifiers are very suitable for:

  • Purifying a cracked Ammonia slip-stream for pure Hydrogen
  • Purification of Hydrogen rich stream such as commercial grade Hydrogen cylinders

H2Pure – Cylinder Hydrogen purification

If you are sourcing technical grade Hydrogen cylinders (99.999%) purity, then you are paying too much. A better alternative is to source commercial grade Hydrogen cylinders (99.9%) and pass the Hydrogen through our Palladium purifier to get 99.99999+% pure Hydrogen. ROI on these units is as little as 6-months.
We supply H2Pure Hydrogen Purification systems to cater to flows up to 5 Nm3/hr of impure Hydrogen. The systems are completely plug-n-play and you simply need to provide

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