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True cost of Gas you buy in cylinders

3 Sep, 2016

Disclaimer: This article is highlighting areas of concern which are unknown to many customers. It is only meant to be a handy tool for customer awareness and should be used for informational purposes only. When purchasing a cylinder, the user or the purchaser at a minimum is aware of the following:   • Size of…

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Nitrogen-Hydrogen (HNX) mix gas requirement for Galvanizing of Steel Sheets

4 Aug, 2016

Galvanization (or galvanizing as it is most commonly called in the Steel industry) is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting. The quality of the processing relies on the ability to handle correctly the heat cycle and the strip surface by the control of three processing parameters. A gas…

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Hydrogen In Metal Injection Molding / Sintering Process

28 Jul, 2015

MVS has successfully supplied and commissioned 2 Nos. Hydrogen Gas Plants in 2015 to a leading global supplier of precision-engineered products.

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Hydrogen fuel cell cars about to become a reality

7 Nov, 2013

Reference the article recently published in USA Today website and reproduced verbatim below for easy reference. USA Today article headline – Toyota cuts cost of hydrogen-fuel cell cars Article author – Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY Published Date – 5 a.m. EDT May 2, 2013 Article link – Toyota cuts cost of hydrogen-fuel cell cars (opens…

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Hydrogen Gas Purifier for Metal Treatment

23 Sep, 2013

Many metal treatment processes like annealing and sintering require Hydrogen gas of UHP (Ultra high purity) grade. Very often, this high purity cannot be ensured with commercial cylinders supplied by the merchant gas suppliers. For critical processes one has to make the provision of purifying the commercially available gas at their own site to ensure…

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Why Fuel Cells for Telecoms Backup is a Good Call – a report from FuelCellToday

9 Jun, 2013

FuelCellToday, The leading authority on fuel cells, has recently published a report on why fuel cells are the right move for telecom tower backup power. Article excerpt: The fuel cell is a versatile and scalable enough technology to fulfil power requirements in almost any imaginable application. In India there are 65,000 BTS being installed each…

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Exhibit at Power-Gen India 2013 a phenomenal success

24 May, 2013

MVS Engineering and Proton OnSite exhibited at Power-Gen India 2013 for third year running and our exhibit, as previous cases, was a phenomenal success. Many Power Plants in India in the private sector have been in operation for the last 5-10 years and are now quite mature. The focus of these power plants has now…

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Proton OnSite making good progress on reducing cost of hydrogen energy storage

10 Apr, 2013

Proton OnSite has reduced the cost of producing water electrolysis stacks by 40 percent over the last five years, enabling the firm to begin producing a cost-effective multi-megawatt electrolyser for the emerging renewable energy markets. Read more on this interesting article written about our Principals for Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generators here (link opens in new…

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Why switching to On-Site Hydrogen Leads to Better Results

15 Mar, 2013

Our Principals – Proton OnSite (USA) have published a very useful article pertaining to use of Hydrogen in laboratories it’s on-site production. We are reproducing this article verbatim and also providing a downloadable article for our audience and customers. WHY SWITCHING TO ON-SITE HYDROGEN LEADS TO BETTER RESULTS Laboratory practitioners need a carrier gas they…

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Hydrogen in India – A Demand Side Review

28 Jan, 2013

At MVS Engineering, we look at the industrial gases market from a macro-level. In this second and final article in the series, we take a look at the current market forces in play on the demand side situation of Hydrogen in India and also give our opinions from the perspective of end users of these…

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Hydrogen in India – A Supply Side Review

14 Jan, 2013

At MVS Engineering, we look at the industrial gases market from a macro-level. In this first article in the series, we take a look at the current market forces in play on the supply side situation of Hydrogen in India and also give our opinions from the perspective of end users of these gases and…

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Cutting Tools production requiring Pure Argon, Hydrogen & Nitrogen – An MVS success story

18 Nov, 2012

Cutting tools technology has already advanced to the new levels of metals machining – literally – cutting edge, delivering enhanced performance. Machining times have reduced and attained higher accuracy and smoother finishes. The coating of wear resistant and chip resistant hard metals on to cutting steels and carbides require ultra pure ‘reducing atmosphere’ and ‘atmosphere…

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Hydrogen Workshop Media Coverage

25 Oct, 2012

MVS Engineering and our Principals – M/s. Proton OnSite (USA) recently concluded a workshop on 17th September, 2012 at India Habitat Center – “Taking India Forward – Investing less on Hydrogen Facility and achieving better efficiency and safety”. This event was covered by our media partners for the workshop – PowerWatch magazine. The same can…

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Photographs from Hydrogen Workshop for Power Sector

12 Oct, 2012

The workshop held on 17th September, 2012 at India Habitat Center – “Taking India Forward – Investing less on Hydrogen Facility and achieving better efficiency and safety” was an astounding success and was attended by several leading organizations of India. We present some of the photographs of this event. Workshop Setup Meet & Greet Dr….

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Pure Hydrogen Gas For MOCVD Equipments

12 Oct, 2012

Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE), or Metalorganic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD), is a method of chemical vapour deposition and it is used to create semiconductor multilayer structures. For this process the Ultra Pure Hydrogen gas is required. Getting ultra pure gas of consistent purity is a challenge. MVS Engineering offers two options for achieving the…

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Hydrogen Workshop for Power Sector – An astounding success

17 Sep, 2012

The workshop held today at India Habitat Center – “Taking India Forward – Investing less on Hydrogen Facility and achieving better efficiency and safety” was an astounding success. With the blessings of the Hydrogen Association of India, this workshop was organized by MVS Engineering Limited and Proton OnSite (USA). The event was attended by nearly…

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Upcoming workshop – Hydrogen in Power Plants

30 Aug, 2012

We are pleased to announce an upcoming workshop being conducted by MVS Engineering and Proton OnSite (USA), under the aegis of Hydrogen Association of India. The Theme of the workshop is “Taking India Forward” and the workshop aims to address how Indian power plants can benefit from “Investing less on Hydrogen Facility and achieving better…

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Economical Ultra Pure Hydrogen With MVS-Hy9 Palladium Purifiers

25 Jul, 2012

For many industrial processes the purest form of Hydrogen (99.999% or better) is required but many a times it is not available at reasonable prices. More over one cannot trust the quality of the gas in the commercially available cylinders for critical applications. There are number of applications for which the pure Hydrogen gas is…

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PowerWatch India Magazine Article – Hydrogen Delivery in Power Plants – Call For Modernization

21 May, 2012

We are pleased to report that an article authored by our Hydrogen Sales team has been published inPowerWatch India, May 2012 issue. We reproduce the article below for easy reference. — Article text begin — With the advent of modern and technologically advanced equipment in the power sector, specifically higher capacity Turbine Generators, Hydrogen gas…

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Hydrogen – Think out of the box

12 May, 2012

When it comes to Hydrogen, two things are foremost on decision maker’s and technical evaluators minds – Safety and Cost. We encourage you to think out of the box and allow us to demonstrate how with the Proton Hydrogen Generators, you can deliver Hydrogen to your process, literally, “Out of the Box”. About Proton OnSite,…

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MVS Engineering enters strategic partnership with Hy9 Corporation

3 May, 2012

MVS Engineering enters strategic partnership with Hy9 Corporation For further information, you may contact: Siddharth Rastogi, Director (Sales) – MVS Engineering, srastogi @ mvsengg.com, 011 49997000 Chris Kellogg, Director of Sales, Hy9 Corporation 001-508-435-3789 x401 MVS Engineering, New Delhi, India has entered into a strategic partnership with Hy9 Corporation of Massachusetts, USA for developing and…

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Customers increasingly adopting On-Site Hydrogen Generators

2 May, 2012

Hydrogen today plays a very important role in various industrial applications. Purity of hydrogen, reliability of supply and ease of use are primary considerations when it comes to choosing among the various options of supply. In the past the hydrogen gas plants were considered to be an asset of those who have the technical expertise…

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Power-Gen 2012 – Successful participation by Proton and MVS

25 Apr, 2012

MVS Engineering, along with our Principals – Proton OnSite recently participated in Power-Gen India and Central Asia 2012 from April 19-21, 2012 in New Delhi. Under the theme “ Switching on India’s Power Future “ all the major companies related to the Power sector had participated at this high-profile exhibition including Gammon India, BHEL, Toshiba,…

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On-site Hydrogen Helps Manufacturers Reach Strategic Goals for the Metals Processing Industry

13 Apr, 2012

Our Principals for compact, safe and reliable On-Site Hydrogen Gas Generators – Proton OnSite have supplied Hydrogen Gas Generators to the metallurgical industry for over a decade. Recently, they have published an article looking at the use of Hydrogen in the metals processing industry and how Proton’s units have had wide-acclaimed success. An excerpt of…

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Backup Power for Telecom Towers – India progresses

14 Mar, 2012

The Hydrogen economy in India is undoubtedly progressing and it is progressing fast! In a recent advance, forward thinking Executives at one of India’s largest corporate house – Aditya Birla Group, through their telecom business – Idea Cellular have taken the step towards implementation of Fuel Cells for Backup power. Cliches aside, Idea Cellular has…

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Autorickshaws & Hydrogen – Innovation in India

14 Feb, 2012

Amazing! Exciting! A giant leap Forward! This in essence captures our viewpoint on Hydrogen development in India. We are excited to see that finally “Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles” in India is getting to the point where it is moving beyond just labs and theoretical discussions. Recently, Times of India published an article that speaks about New…

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Increasing Generator Efficiency And Capacity: A CASE STUDY by Proton OnSite

6 Dec, 2011

The purity of hydrogen used within electric power generators has a direct affect on cooling efficiency, windage friction losses, generating capacity and generator longevity. Hydrogen’s high thermal conductivity is the primary reason it is used as the cooling media in a generator instead of air. Hydrogen has a thermal conductivity of nearly seven times that…

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India suffers from expensive and inefficient Hydrogen facility planning of Thermal Power plants

22 Nov, 2011

Hydrogen, the lightest, highest energy content and most combustible gas must be treated with caution. Past 60 years, our engineers and plant owners have had to contend with old technology plants using corrosive Caustic lye, and for umpteen reasons, difficult to control for safety, plant engineering. With such profound and dangerous experience, with great aplomb,…

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A strong Hydrogen supply backbone required in India

26 Aug, 2011

Other than Chlor Alkali plants who make up majority of the bulk Hydrogen gas in India, there is a need in India for establishment of Merchant Hydrogen plants. Such Hydrogen plants located at least 200 kilometers radius away from Chlor Alkali plant, present a ?Profitable Business Opportunity?. Merchant Hydrogen gas plants can be based on…

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How markets determine the price of Hydrogen

12 Aug, 2011

Hydrogen price to the customer is dependent on several factors such as demand and supply and also transportation cost. However, at a bare minimum, the fundamental cost of Hydrogen production is typically the largest contributor for determination of price to the customer. We look at these various elements in detail below. Equating with the price…

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Need to introduce high pressure bullet vessels for delivered Hydrogen

1 Aug, 2011

Hydrogen is the lightest element. Technically it is more challenging to liquefy in comparison to Nitrogen or Oxygen, though surely possible. We just cannot escape the fact that the gas transport vessel is much heavier than the gas per se, unless liquefied. The pressure determines the transport cost. The next cost determinant is volume of…

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Safe Handling of Hydrogen

15 Jun, 2011

MVS is proud to announce that another informative article has recently been published in the Power Watch India magazine June 2011 issue. This informative article was written by our Vice-President (Marketing) – Mr. Rajeev Bhalla. You may view the actual print article here. This article is also reproduced verbatim below. Safety Issues Related to Hydrogen…

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Exhibit at Power-Gen India 2011 a true success

9 May, 2011

MVS Engineering Limited and Proton OnSite, USA recently exhibited jointly at Power-Gen India 2011 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This exhibit was a key milestone in the partnership between the two companies and goes on to further demonstrate our commitment to the growing Indian market for reliable, compact, no-hassle Hydrogen Generators. In case you were…

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Hydrogen article published in Energetica-India magazine

29 Apr, 2011

The article published on our blog a few days ago is now officially published in Energetica-India’s April 2011 edition that will be distributed during the upcoming Power-Gen India & Central Asia exhibition 2011. You may download this edition of the magazine by clicking here. Alternatively, you may view our blog post to read the same….

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Understanding Hydrogen and it’s impact on Power Producer’s bottomline

26 Apr, 2011

Unknown to many, Quality of Hydrogen in a Hydrogen-cooled Turbine Generator plays an important role for the bottomline of a Power generation utility. Some power generation companies are paying attention to this and deriving benefits including improved efficiency, better yields from same fossil burn. We explore the simple physics behind this and why the Power…

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Hydrogen cylinders and CCoE

11 Mar, 2011

The applicable rule for Receiving, Storing and Handling Hydrogen Gas cylinders in a “industrial premises” or “Gas Distribution premises” or any other type of premises, is guided by the regulations stated in The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) / Chief Controller of Explosives (CCoE) – “Gas Cylinder Rules – 2004“. We discuss and highlight…

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Hydrogen & 2011 Indian Budget

1 Mar, 2011

It is great to learn about the impetus the Indian government is providing to alternative fuels and technologies. One shot in the arm for this fledgling industry is the provisions proposed in the 2011 Indian budget. This article published in Hindustan Times provides some preliminary details. Article link on HT : http://www.hindustantimes.com/Mukherjee-unveils-green-rebates/Article1-667872.aspx Relevant snippets from…

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Hydrogen – Fuel of the future

1 Feb, 2011

Times of India today ran an interesting article about Hydrogen as the fuel of the future and advancements in research and technology. The article is presented below verbatim and link to TOI is also provided. Article link on TOI : http://www1.lite.epaper.timesofindia.com/mobile.aspx?article=yes&pageid=23&edlabel=CAP&mydateHid=01-02-2011&pubname=&edname=&articleid=Ar02303&format=&publabel=TOI&max=true Article reproduced verbatim – — BEGIN — London: British scientists have developed a low-cost…

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