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Proton (USA)

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter


These units are fully packaged (every generator you see on this page is a complete Hydrogen Generator with electricals integrated) and have a very small footprint and can be easily installed even in the tightest of spaces on your shop floor or process area.

Safe-Area Installation

Proton HOGEN® Hydrogen Generators can be installed in Safe-Area and thus eliminating costly civil works and expensive hazardous area lighting, instrumentation, motors etc.

Ultra-High Purity

HOGEN® units produce purity of 99.9995% without the need for an additional purification system. The only impurity is water vapor which is removed by an in-built dryer.


No hazardous chemicals to handle or top-up. The Nafion film used in these systems is safe to touch.

High Pressure

  • System output pressure of around 15 Barg standard on all models.
  • 30 Barg standard on C-Series.
  • 150 Barg (without compressor) variant available in S-Series.


H-Series and C-Series models feature built-in redundancy.


H-Series and C-Series models can be scaled up on your site itself by additional power and Hydrogen generation modules.

International Standards

HOGEN® Hydrogen Generators conform to the most stringent codes and standards in the world including ISO, ATEX, NFPA.

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