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Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Technical Specifications

  • Monitoring
    Hydrogen Purity (H2 in Air) and Dew Point Re-gas: H2 in Air, H2 in CO2, Air in CO2
  • Control
    Hydrogen Purity & Dew Point while maintaining specified pressure
  • Dimensions
    990 w x 580 d x 2080 h (mm)
  • Features
    Fully automated
    Data logging
    Remote telemetry
    Integrated system controller.

The StableFlow™ Hydrogen Control System is a breakthrough product allowing the plant to actively control generator casing hydrogen purity, pressure and dew point.proton_newlogo-2 MVS in partnership with Proton OnSite now offers the latest technology available for Hydrogen control in Power Plants in India.


Why worry about Hydrogen in the TG?

When a generator rotor rotates at high velocities in larger turbine generators, the turbine must overcome the resistance created by the atmosphere in the generator casing. The wasted energy used to overcome this resistance is given the term windage loss. By increasing the percent of hydrogen in the cooling system, and minimizing the presence of impurities such as air and moisture, the generator’s windage losses are reduced, effectively increasing unit output. In addition, cooling of generator windings results in higher efficiencies and allows operation at higher power levels. Preliminary studies indicate that a one percent increase in hydrogen purity in a typical generator system results in daily operating savings of up to $1,000.

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