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Nitrogen + Methanol Generator

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Pressure Converter

Use of furnace atmospheres based on Methanol cracking has become widely acceptable as alternative to Endo-gas generators for many applications like carburizing, carbonitriding, annealing and hardening. Here Nitrogen gas is used as a carrier gas which reduces consumption of methanol. Cracking process at temperatures above 750˚C is as under:

Mixture of Nitrogen and Methanol (e.g. methanol 5 liters & Nitrogen 10 NM3) fed into furnace provides gas composition equivalent to Endo-gas as under:

Carbon Monoxide (CO):20%
Hydrogen (H2):40%
Nitrogen (N2):Balance
Dew Point:(-) 40°C

Nitrogen gas of 99.5% purity from cylinders or from a captive PSA-Nitrogen generator is used. Methanol should be free from moisture for getting low dew point in your furnace.


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