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Nitrogen / LCMS

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Technical Specifications

  • Flow
    ZEN-L1 - 25 LPM,
    ZEN-L2 - 50 LPM,
    ZEN-L1-C - 25 LPM (with in-built compressor),
    ZEN-L2-C- 50 LPM (with in-built compressor)
  • Pressure
    0-7 Barg ( 0-100 psig )
  • Technology
    Membrane Technology

Nitrogen Generator for LCMS Applications India

The ZEN LC-MS series offers dedicated “NITROGEN LC-MS” Nitrogen Generators for use with LC-MS.The LC-MS analyzers made and marketed by various manufacturers do not all share the same requirements. MVS Engineering Limited has a range of both Membrane and PSA systems to meet all LCMS applications demands.

Nitrogen Generation Technology

The Nitrogen separation membrane has cylindrical bundle of hollow fiber membranes made from polymer fiber material. Compressed air enters at one end and flows to opposite end. Gas separation takes place through fiber wall.

Fast gas such as Oxygen, CO2, and water vapor quickly permeate through fiber wall and exit at atmospheric pressure
through the vent port.

39 yearsof Solid experience

MVS Engineering is India’s largest and most experienced Nitrogen Gas Generator manufacturer. With 39-years of experience under our belt and 2000+ Nitrogen Generators supplied worldwide, we know the ins and outs of Nitrogen generation.

Our extensive list of satisfied customers include the following industries:
• Pharmaceutical
• Agro
• Food Packaging
• Oil & Gas
• Aerospace
• Mines
• Cement
• Metallurgical
• Paper & Pulp
• Analytical
• Research Institutions
• Government Physics and Chemistry Labs

Other Products:
MVS Lab Solutions also offers:
• Hydrogen Gas Generators
• Zero Air Generators
• DM Water Systems
• Lab Consumables

Ask your sales person for more information in various different ways we can assist.TECH_001

ZEN Series-1ZEN1

• Flow up to 15 Nm3/hr
• Purity from 0.1% to 7% residual Oxygen
• Nitrogen delivery pressure up to 24 bar g
• All quick-connect fittings for easy installation

ZEN Series-2ZEN2
• Flow up to 70 Nm3/hr
• Purity from 0.1% to 7% residual Oxygen
• Nitrogen delivery pressure up to 15 bar g
• Three-side openable for easy serviceability


Zen Series-1 shown with Air compressor & N2 Storage Tank









Zen Series-2 shown with Air compressor








Most customers demand scalable units and ZEN Series provides that flexibility from the ground-up. As customer needs change, the ZEN-Series can be scaled up by simply adding more membranes very easily.

Standard Options:

Air Pre-filtration – We provide multi-stage air filtration to ensure system longevity
Moisture separator – Our systems have built-in moisture separation to reduce workload and improved efficiency of the membranes
Flow control – We include N2 flow meters for precision flow control

Configurable Options

HMI – Touch screen display provided for easy interface with the unit
Oxygen Analyzer – Oxygen analyzer provided for purity monitoring and system performance
Flow Control – Customers can opt for analogue (standard) or digital flow measurement (optional) and control
Tropicalisation – We provide IP rated panels for customers requiring unit operation in harsh or outdoor environments
Nitrogen Booster Compressor – For customers requiring yet higher pressure, we provide Nitrogen booster compressors as an add-on option.

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