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Liquid Nitrogen Generators

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity
    10 LPD to 240 LPD
  • Liquid N2Purity
    95% to 99% Liquid N2
  • Pressure
    7 psig

MVS Liquid Nitrogen Plants (LNPs) are designed to reliably produce liquid nitrogen(LN ) directly from air.

MVS Engineering is partner of CarboTech AC, Gmbh (Germany) for PSA Nitrogen technology and Air Liquide MEDAL (USA) for Membrance Nitrogen technology. These units produce gaseous Nitrogen from Air.

MVS Nitrogen Generator is integrated with the Cryorefrigerator from USA to convert gas to liquid Nitrogen.

MVS supplies the fully integrated Liquid Nitrogen plant and customer only needs to connect power.

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