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Liquid Nitrogen Generators

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter
  • Air Compressor – Required for providing air to the Nitrogen Generator. Compressed air can be supplied by customer, or MVS provides Air compressor as part of integrated package.
  • Nitrogen Generator – The Nitrogen Generator works on principle of Nitrogen separation from air. We provide both PSA and Membrane Nitrogen separation technologies as per user preference.
  • Cryorefrigerator – The Cryorefrigerator consists of a cold head, Helium compressor and a pair of stainless steel flexible helium lines. The cold head is mounted on the top of the Dewar. The cold head extends down into the neck of the Dewar for the purpose of cooling 0 the nitrogen gas entering the Dewar to 77K (-196 C). The Nitrogen gas liquefies on contact with the cold head heat exchanger. The liquefied Nitrogen drips off the heat exchanger down into the Dewar.
  • Dewar Assembly – The gaseous Nitrogen produced from the Nitrogen Generator is taken to a Dewar assembly. The Dewar assembly has been designed for storage and extraction of LN2. The Dewar is a stainless steel, vacuum jacketed container built for the purpose of storing liquid nitrogen with minimal boil off (losses).
  • Level Indicator/Switch – The operation of the LNP is automatically controlled by the level indicator/ Switch mounted on the Dewar. The level indicator/switch is preset to turn off the cryorefrigerator when the Dewar is full, and places the LNP in standby mode.
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