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Membrane Nitrogen

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity

    1 NM3/hr to 5000 NM3/hr

  • Purity
    95% to 99.9% ,
    Optional - 99.999%
  • Pressure
    6 to 24 Barg,
    Optional – Higher pressures with N2 booster
  • Dew Point
    Up to (-) 70˚C
  • Nitrogen generators using membrane technology have been in use since the 1980’s and is a very mature technology with thousands of plants operational worldwide.
  • We offer highest quality membranes of Air Liquide (USA) under their MEDAL brand. MEDAL membranes have the distinction of operating in hostile conditions such as Boeing 737 aircrafts and in oil fields in the Middle East.air-liquid
  • Membrane nitrogen generators are suitable for applications requiring medium to low purity up to around 99.9% and for very high flow rates, as high as 5,000 m3/hr from a single generator.
  • Membrane generators when compared to PSA offer benefits such as compact footprint, lower air-to-nitrogen ratio and lesser frequent maintenance.
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