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Tag: Cost of delivered Hydrogen

India suffers from expensive and inefficient Hydrogen facility planning of Thermal Power plants

22 Nov, 2011

Hydrogen, the lightest, highest energy content and most combustible gas must be treated with caution. Past 60 years, our engineers and plant owners have had to contend with old technology plants using corrosive Caustic lye, and for umpteen reasons, difficult to control for safety, plant engineering. With such profound and dangerous experience, with great aplomb,…

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How markets determine the price of Hydrogen

12 Aug, 2011

Hydrogen price to the customer is dependent on several factors such as demand and supply and also transportation cost. However, at a bare minimum, the fundamental cost of Hydrogen production is typically the largest contributor for determination of price to the customer. We look at these various elements in detail below. Equating with the price…

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Need to introduce high pressure bullet vessels for delivered Hydrogen

1 Aug, 2011

Hydrogen is the lightest element. Technically it is more challenging to liquefy in comparison to Nitrogen or Oxygen, though surely possible. We just cannot escape the fact that the gas transport vessel is much heavier than the gas per se, unless liquefied. The pressure determines the transport cost. The next cost determinant is volume of…

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