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Tag: Hydrogen Purifiers

Cutting Tools production requiring Pure Argon, Hydrogen & Nitrogen – An MVS success story

18 Nov, 2012

Cutting tools technology has already advanced to the new levels of metals machining – literally – cutting edge, delivering enhanced performance. Machining times have reduced and attained higher accuracy and smoother finishes. The coating of wear resistant and chip resistant hard metals on to cutting steels and carbides require ultra pure ‘reducing atmosphere’ and ‘atmosphere…

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Economical Ultra Pure Hydrogen With MVS-Hy9 Palladium Purifiers

25 Jul, 2012

For many industrial processes the purest form of Hydrogen (99.999% or better) is required but many a times it is not available at reasonable prices. More over one cannot trust the quality of the gas in the commercially available cylinders for critical applications. There are number of applications for which the pure Hydrogen gas is…

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MVS Engineering enters strategic partnership with Hy9 Corporation

3 May, 2012

MVS Engineering enters strategic partnership with Hy9 Corporation For further information, you may contact: Siddharth Rastogi, Director (Sales) – MVS Engineering, srastogi @ mvsengg.com, 011 49997000 Chris Kellogg, Director of Sales, Hy9 Corporation 001-508-435-3789 x401 MVS Engineering, New Delhi, India has entered into a strategic partnership with Hy9 Corporation of Massachusetts, USA for developing and…

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