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Tag: Nitrogen for Food Packaging

Nitrogen Gas for Food Packaging

25 Jul, 2015

MVS has supplied a Nitrogen Gas Plant to a Fortune 500 Food products company located in Pune. The customer’s policy that its food products should be moisture-free, nutritious, tasty, hygienic and offers convenient options to the consuming public could not be met unless the packaged foods were protected in a MAP (modified atmosphere packaged) like…

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Nitrogen Plant supplied for Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage

14 May, 2014

MVS has supplied a Nitrogen Inert Gas Plant to one of the leading ISO certified manufacturers of CA (Controlled Atmosphere) Cold Storage.

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India struggles to fight Food inflation – Nitrogen can rescue

2 Dec, 2011

Deterioration of Fruits, Vegetable, and other staple foods happens because of enhanced speed of “aging”. Speed of aging of Fresh Agri produce is directly proportional to ambient temperature, and the presence of ‘oxygen’. Reduce the ambient temperature and storage period increases. Reduce or eliminate ‘oxygen’ and the process of ripening (also equivalent to aging) slows…

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging – A growing need for the Indian Food Industry

1 Sep, 2011

Packaged food industry is rapidly growing in India. Over the last 10 years, there has been a mushrooming growth of companies with a very regional focus. However, this is still a largely unorganized sector and concepts of robust supply chain and distribution chain haven’t truly pervaded the mindsets of budding entrepreneurs. However, as many start-up…

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Nitrogen Gas Generator for Snack Food Packaging

19 Aug, 2010

Nitrogen Gas is being increasingly used in the processed food industry and specially for packaging purposes. We explore the benefits of Nitrogen gas for Snack food packaging application. Shelf life of snack foods like Potato chips, extruded snacks, Breakfast cereals, Nuts and other dry fruits can be improved by expulsion of the air surrounding the…

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