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Tag: Nitrogen Generator

Carbon Molecular Sieves – Explained

26 May, 2016

Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) are used in PSA (pressure swing adsorption) Nitrogen gas generators. CMS also finds use in other separations like Hydrogen refinement from crude sources and also biogas refining. However, in this blog, we specifically referring to CMS for Nitrogen production. CMS operates at a molecular level and under pressure separates oxygen from nitrogen when fed…

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Nitrogen gas use in Bottling industry as a counter pressure gas

5 Jan, 2016

WHITE PAPER TITLE: USING NITROGEN GAS IN PLACE OF CARBON DIOXIDE GAS AS A COUNTER PRESSURE IN BOTTLING INDUSTRY FOR COST REDUCTION AND REDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Executive Summary Current Scenario – Carbon Dioxide gas use in beverage bottling plants Concerns with Carbon Dioxide gas usage in counter pressure process Global consideration of Nitrogen gas as…

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Nitrogen Gas plant supplied to R & D centre

26 Nov, 2015

MVS supplied Membrane Nitrogen plant to a world-class R&D Centre. This Centre is India’s foremost commercial centre of research excellence in the areas of lubricants, refinery processes, pipeline transportation, alternative fuels fuel additives, engine testing, materials sciences and environmental sciences. The Centre holds 384 active patents, including 233 international patents. This R&D center is located…

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Nitrogen Gas for Food Packaging

25 Jul, 2015

MVS has supplied a Nitrogen Gas Plant to a Fortune 500 Food products company located in Pune. The customer’s policy that its food products should be moisture-free, nutritious, tasty, hygienic and offers convenient options to the consuming public could not be met unless the packaged foods were protected in a MAP (modified atmosphere packaged) like…

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Nitrogen – A blessing to the Oil & Gas Industry

30 Apr, 2015

Nitrogen a colorless, odorless gas, is a non-hydrocarbon inert gas used for a variety of functions in the drilling, work over and completion phases of oil and gas wells as safety is a top priority in the oil and gas industry. Nitrogen ensures safety during tank cleaning operations and other situations where an inert atmosphere…

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MVS Engineering at ADIPEC Abu Dhabi, 2014

14 Nov, 2014

MVS Engineering Ltd proudly participated in successful participation in ADIPEC-2014 (Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference) held in the City of Abu Dhabi, UAE (Nov 10 – Nov 13). ADIPEC-2014 has been established as one of the largest conference programmes globally, themed under ‘Challenges and Opportunities for the Next 30 Years’. Around 2,000 exhibiting companies displayed…

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Nitrogen Gas for Bright Annealing of Copper and Cupro Nickel

20 Dec, 2013

MVS has supplied a Nitrogen Gas Plant to one of the leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of seamless extruded Copper, Copper Alloy Products, Cupro Nickel, Cunifer, Aluminium Brass, Admiralty Brass.

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Membrane Nitrogen Generator for Oil Tank Farm

13 Dec, 2013

At Fujairah Port there is big tank farm storage facility of various crude and other oils.

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Nitrogen gas in HT Electrical Cable Manufacturing

30 Nov, 2013

High tension cables (33 KV to 210 KV) are manufactured world-wide under Nitrogen atmosphere curing. MVS has supplied 25-Nitrogen Plants for such application to several countries in Asia and Middle-East. Earlier steam curing of electrical cables was done but due to moisture present, the cable insulation always had some moisture left due to which insulation…

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Nitrogen Inert Gas Plant Supplied to leading Cement Company in Karnataka, India

25 Jun, 2013

MVS has supplied a Nitrogen Inert Gas Plant to one of India’s leading cement manufacturing company. This customer is located in Karnataka, India. They require Nitrogen for purging of coal mill, bag filters and coal silos to control of fire due to spontaneous ignition of coal powder. Customer has procured Nitrogen Inert Gas Plant from…

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