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Tag: Proton OnSite India

Proton OnSite making good progress on reducing cost of hydrogen energy storage

10 Apr, 2013

Proton OnSite has reduced the cost of producing water electrolysis stacks by 40 percent over the last five years, enabling the firm to begin producing a cost-effective multi-megawatt electrolyser for the emerging renewable energy markets. Read more on this interesting article written about our Principals for Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generators here (link opens in new…

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Customers increasingly adopting On-Site Hydrogen Generators

2 May, 2012

Hydrogen today plays a very important role in various industrial applications. Purity of hydrogen, reliability of supply and ease of use are primary considerations when it comes to choosing among the various options of supply. In the past the hydrogen gas plants were considered to be an asset of those who have the technical expertise…

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