Blanketing of Oil and Chemical Tanks using Nitrogen Generator

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MVS has successfully commissioned 5 PSA Nitrogen plants to an Indian multinational conglomerate company on the west side of the Hazira peninsula. The group is the largest port developer and our 5 large capacity Nitrogen plants are running to provide blanketing of oil and gas tanks.

Customer procured PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant from MVS of following specifications:

Technology : PSA Technology

Capacity: 775 NM3/hr each

Purity: 99.5%

Application: Blanketing of Oil and Gas Tanks


In Refinery and Chemical plants explosive hazards occur if air enters tanks containing volatile flammable liquids during pumping operations. Vacuum develops when liquid is removed from the tank or ambient temperature reduces.

For optimum protection of tank, contents and the environment, a low positive constant N2 gas pressure is maintained in the vapor space of a storage tank. A blanketing gas, Nitrogen being the most popular, serves to reduce the oxygen content in the vapor space, making it inert and eliminating the possibility of fire/explosion.

This prevents the ingress of air and moisture from entering the storage tanks. When liquid is removed from a tank or ambient temperature reduces, vacuum may develop. Blanketing system prevents any vacuum from developing and maintains the desired blanket pressure. In addition to this, a blanket gas pressure, reduces the evaporation of the stored product to a negligible amount. The result not only conserves product but also greatly reduces emissions. Quality of chemical, which get affected by contact of moisture or oxygen is protected by nitrogen blanketing. These advantages are in addition to the fire protection that is provided as a result of using nitrogen.

Blanketing of Oil and Gas

Tank blanketing, also referred to as tank padding, is the process of applying nitrogen gas to the empty space in a storage container. Though tank blanketing is used for a variety of reasons, it typically involves using nitrogen gas to protect products inside the storage container.

A few of the benefits of blanketing include a longer life of the product in the container, reduced hazards, and longer equipment life cycles.


775 NM3/hr Nitrogen Generator plant
Actual photograph of Plant supplied

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