Exhibit at Power-Gen India 2013 a phenomenal success

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MVS Engineering and Proton OnSite exhibited at Power-Gen India 2013 for third year running and our exhibit, as previous cases, was a phenomenal success.
Many Power Plants in India in the private sector have been in operation for the last 5-10 years and are now quite mature. The focus of these power plants has now been to reduce their operational costs and also to improve their plant power output. Many plants are now realising that having On-site Hydrogen generation has become a critical need they can’t ignore. On site Hydrogen generation is much cheaper than delivered cost of Hydrogen. Also, due to supply challenges associated with regular deliveries of Hydrogen in cylinders, many power plants are faced with possible slowdowns or even shutdowns in case their supply of Hydrogen is disrupted.

Another aspect of Hydrogen that increasing number of power plant operators are getting interested in is the effect of purity and dew point of Hydrogen on the operation of their power generators.

A number of prospective customers visited our booth at this show to learn about how online supply of Hydrogen with a Proton OnSite Hydrogen generator can rid them of their current Hydrogen supply woes. Also on display was our StableFlow? product which allows power plants to produce more saleable power simply by improving the purity and dew point in their power generator.

Hydrogen Generators in the Power Sector

Hydrogen is used to cool the windings of large power plant generators because of hydrogen’s high heat capacity and low density. Power plants utilising hydrogen-cooled generators must maintain optimal hydrogen purity and pressure in the generator casing for efficiency, safety, and equipment reliability. Continuous addition of ultra-pure hydrogen from a HOGEN? hydrogen generation system to make up for hydrogen seal losses can optimise hydrogen purity and pressure for best operating performance and uptime.

There are two ways to fill your hydrogen demand: have it delivered in cylinders or tube trailers, or make it onsite with a hydrogen generator. Periodic addition of hydrogen gas from storage to your generator casing means your generator runs de optimized most of the time, and moisture in the hydrogen supplied to the generator casings can lead to the formation of cracks in the generator retaining rings, and possible generator failure.

Photos from the show:

(Tom Skoczylas in conversation with customers)

(Tom Skoczylas, India Territory Manager, Proton OnSite)

(John Speranza, Vice-President Sales, Proton OnSite)

About MVS Engineering Limited

MVS Engineering is a turnkey supplier of Gas generation equipment, Air and liquid drying equipment. MVS was founded in 1977 and has supplied nearly 7000 Skid mounted units worldwide. Read more about the company in the About Us section of our website.

Specifically for Proton OnSite’s products, MVS is Proton’s engineering partner in India for sales, service and turnkey supply of engineered solutions. Whether you require a single Hydrogen Generator or a complete Hydrogen solution including compression, cylinder filling etc., MVS is your one stop provider.

About Proton OnSite, USA

Proton Onsite designs and manufactures Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrochemical systems to make hydrogen from water in a zero pollution process producing safe, pure, reliable onsite hydrogen to meet today?s global hydrogen requirements. Proton has been developing and manufacturing world-class electrolysis systems since 1996, with thousands of units deployed world-wide, on every continent. With a reputation for building robust, reliable, and safe systems, federal, state, and commercial partners repeatedly seek the creative solutions that Proton OnSite has proven it is capable of delivering. For more information,

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