Keeping healthy snacks fresh and safe with N2 packaging

Posted on: 13 Sep, 2017   |   With: 0 Comments
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Making healthy snacks?… safe and long lasting for the whole family????. Boo ya!?

That’s exactly what?#nitrogen?gas does when it is filled in the snacks packet. It keeps?#oxygen?out. Oxygen is good for us, but obviously also needed for harmful germs and bacteria that spoil the food. So the best way to protect food stuff in packaging is to keep this oxygen out. This way the snacks stay fresh much longer and have a longer shelf life.

Across the world, the food packaging?industry has understood the importance of nitrogen as a?#ProtectiveAtmosphereGas. One such customer in the northern state of?#UttarPradesh?in?#India?? is in the process of installing?MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd.?#NitrogenGasGenerator. Some installation photos below for our followers!

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