Membrane Nitrogen gas generator for carrier gas purpose

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MVS has supplied a Membrane type Nitrogen gas generator for a Government of India laboratory.
This customer has procured the Nitrogen gas plant from MVS of the following specifications:

Technology: Membrane (Membrane)

Model: ZEN-Series Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Capacity (Nitrogen flow rate) : 42 Nm3/hr (700 LPM)

Purity : 95%

This is a complete plant supply on Turnkey basis with a dedicated air compressor.

The Government of India laboratory is located in the metropolitan city of Chennai (South India). This laboratory was looking for a large size Nitrogen plant for centralising their Nitrogen supply and avoid frequent procurement of Nitrogen that was needed in large scale by their various labs. Nitrogen production using Membranes is the most cost effective solution for producing on-site Nitrogen. Many processes such as the LCMS lab equipment which requires Nitrogen as a carrier gas, does not require very high purity. Hence for purity (95%) such that the one supplied to this laboratory is ideal for Membrane Nitrogen generators. The customer now gets uninterrupted supply of Nitrogen that is very dry (required for their process) at (-) 70?C or better.

This laboratory is pleased with the unit supplied to them, since their daily headache of Nitrogen cylinders is gone. Their processes such as LCMS and Solvent Evaporators are now never deprived of Nitrogen gas due to empty cylinders.

(Stock image of a similar ZEN-Series Membrane Nitrogen plant with Air Compressor)

About Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Membrane Nitrogen Generators provide many benefits over other technologies such as low maintenance, very low cost of production.

About MVS Engineering Limited

MVS Engineering is a turnkey supplier of Gas generation equipment for Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogengases. Additionally, we also manufacture Air, Gas, Liquid Dryers and also Gas Purification systems. MVS is the largest supplier of gaseous Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen plants in India. Besides India, MVS also regularly exports it’s equipment to the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Europe.

MVS was founded in 1977 and has supplied over 7000 Skid mounted units worldwide. Read more about the company in the About Us section of our website.

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