MVS Gas Purification Unit for Float Glass Unit

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MVS continually partners with customers to understand their process and innovate with solutions that can help customers in streamlining their process and in several cases assist with cost savings efforts.

On this note, MVS has supplied a Gas Purification unit for the Float Glass industry where our customer is now able to recover 70% of process Nitrogen and saving around 50% of their Nitrogen cost.

A 1500 NM3/hr capacity Nitrogen Purification Unit was commissioned in 2009. This Purifier is being used for recirculating used Nitrogen gas and removing its contaminants and improving its dew point for re-use in the same glass furnace. This unit was exported to a world renowned float glass manufacturing company in Europe and has been running successfully since commissioning last year.

Nitrogen Purging in Float Glass Furance (Tin Bath)

Huge quantity of Nitrogen gas is purged into the float glass furnace for inertization. Nitrogen purging protects the Float Glass and Tin Bath from oxidation with atmospheric Oxygen. In the presence of Oxygen, the tin gets oxidised and thereby leading to flaws on the glass surface.

Nitrogen Circulation in Float Glass Furnace

Prior to introduction of Nitrogen purification unit, Nitrogen gas purged into the furnace was being vented to atmosphere. After introduction of the MVS Nitrogen Purification system, 70% of Nitrogen gas is being purified and reused. This in turn leads to purge gas cost savings of around 50%.

Nitrogen Purification Unit Features

This unit comprises of Gas Blower, De-oxidation unit, Externally heat-reactivated type gas drying unit and control system. All vessels were designed as per ASME engineering standards. The MVS Nitrogen purification system is completely automated by PLC and has been integrated into the Float Glass customer’s DCS.

Product Photograph

For such Nitrogen Purification system for your own float glass or another process for Nitrogen recovery, you can contact our sales department or send us your enquiry.

About MVS

MVS Engineering is a leading turnkey supplier of Gas generation equipment, Air and liquid drying equipment and heating machinery. MVS was founded in 1977 and has supplied over 6500 Skid mounted units worldwide. Read more about the company in the About Us section of this website.

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