Supporting the Indian defence manufacturers and promoting “Make in India”

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After our P.M. Shri Narendra Modi started the MAKE IN INDIA campaign, people came up with brilliant ideas and new start-ups.

One of MVS’?customer in the Defence industry has published proudly their advertisement in prominent Indian dailies and we are excited about their success.

Making India Self Reliant
Making India Self Reliant

MVS has been supporting the MAKE IN INDIA initiative?for the last 38-years in two major ways. First, MVS makes its products in India using latest technologies from our overseas business partners. Secondly, we supply our equipment to major multi-national and indigenous companies who are industry leaders in Indian manufacturing. ?We believe the outcome of ?MAKE IN INDIA? initiative will undoubtedly bring better opportunities for all people in India.

MVS?has supported our?esteemed customer by supplying?3-Nitrogen Gas Generators which are used in their various manufacturing processes.

Our customer says: “We are ?the largest manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of commercial Explosives and Explosive Accessories in India. We are integrating forward and backward. We are now in process of developing specific products for the Defence Sector using the expertise available with us. We are positive on the prospects and potential of our business, and expect to grow at a rate higher than the general economic growth.”

Our customer manufactures:

  1. Composite Propellants
  2. Fuel rich propellants
  3. HMX and RDX and more..

They will soon manufacture:

  1. Integration of rockets
  2. Single base propellants
  3. Hand grenades and more


Nitrogen use in ammunition manufacturing:

Nitrogen is used to create Inert (Oxygen free) atmosphere during manufacturing of highly combustible explosive material to prevent any explosion.

For similar kind of applications we have supplied our Nitrogen plants to HAPP, Research Center and our Indian Navy too.


About MVS Engineering Limited

MVS Engineering is a turnkey supplier of Gas generation equipment for Nitrogen,Oxygen and Hydrogen gases. We also manufacture Air, Gas, Liquid Dryers and Gas Purification systems. MVS is the largest supplier of gaseous Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen plants in India. Besides India, MVS also regularly exports it?s equipment to the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Europe.

MVS was founded in 1977 and for last 38 years has supplied over 8000 skid-mounted units worldwide. Read more about the company in the About Us section of our website.

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