Nitrogen for autoclave application – Video

Posted on: 13 Jan, 2018   |   With: 0 Comments
Category:  Gas Generation, Membrane Nitrogen Generators, Nitrogen

Did you know that many autoclaves maintain Nitrogen atmosphere during their process?

Learn more about this interesting application in the video.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. customer is using 2 units, each of 300 Nm3/hr Nitrogen for maintaining a 24×7 supply of Nitrogen in their factory. Main aim of the customer is to eliminate Oxygen and maintain a level of less than 5% Oxygen inside their autoclave when their high temperature and high pressure process is underway for curing of carbon fibre parts. Hence, customer requirement was sufficiently met with our 98% membrane nitrogen generator.(having less than 2% oxygen).

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Membrane Nitrogen plant information

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