Nitrogen Gas for Food Packaging

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MVS has supplied a Nitrogen Gas Plant to a Fortune 500 Food products company located in Pune. The customer’s policy that its food products should be moisture-free, nutritious, tasty, hygienic and offers convenient options to the consuming public could not be met unless the packaged foods were protected in a MAP (modified atmosphere packaged) like Nitrogen.

The customer required Nitrogen to ensure widespread accessibility of healthy products because Nitrogen is moisture free and maintains crispy and Crunchiness of the food product. Nitrogen helps eliminate or substantially reduce the presence of Oxygen and that in turn prevents growth of contaminants such as bacteria etc.

Customer was earlier purchasing Nitrogen gas in cylinders from the market and the cost of the Nitrogen purchased from dealers was very high. Large consumption of cylinders (around 20 to 30 cylinders per hour) was the reason that the customer explored options of onsite nitrogen production and approached MVS. The customer’s initial ROI (return on investment) calculations were very attractive and the customer was recovering their capital investment in less than 1-year.

Customer procured a PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant from MVS of following specifications:

Technology : PSA Technology

Capacity : 200 NM3 /hr

Application : Food Packaging

Purity : 99.8 % Nitrogen

Facts: The benefits of Nitrogen gas for Snack food packaging application are now well known around the world. Shelf life of snack foods like Potato chips, extruded snacks, Breakfast cereals, Nuts and other dry fruits is improved by expulsion of the air surrounding the food in the package.

PSA Nitrogen Generators ? suitable for purities above 99.9%

PSA Nitrogen Generators are robust systems for producing Nitrogen of 99.9% purity or above. PSA is a very mature technology and MVS is India?s largest PSA Nitrogen generator manufacturer having supplied over 1200 Nitrogen gas generators worldwide.

Stock image of PSA Nitrogen plant

(Stock photo of MVS PSA Nitrogen plant)

About MVS Engineering Limited

MVS Engineering is a turnkey supplier of Gas generation equipment for Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen gases. Additionally, we also manufacture Air, Gas, Liquid Dryers and also Gas Purification systems. MVS is the largest supplier of gaseous Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen plants in India. Besides India, MVS also regularly exports it?s equipment to the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Europe.

MVS was founded in 1977 and has supplied over 8000 skid-mounted units worldwide. Read more about the company in the About Us section of our website.

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