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Cryomech is a market leader producing 30 different types of Gifford-McMahon and Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerators. Cryomech’s ability to customize these cryorefrigerators gives it a unique edge over the competition. As a result, Cryomech’s products can be easily integrated into your individual application. The more specialized and elaborate the equipment is, the better will be its use or results/outcome.

Cryomech’s design team works fast and follows an open design process that allows you to remain the expert in your field of research and the design of your device. Once operating parameters are confirmed by you, Cryomech’s experts prepare a design suited to meet your requirements. Cryomech is also committed to providing you with the shortest lead time possible.

Your needs may vary from condensing and liquefying cryogens or conductively cooling your samples, Cryomech has the appropriate Cryorefrigerator for you.

Liquid Helium Management Products

Cryomech’s helium conservation products offer the largest selection of laboratory scale helium recovery and liquefier options on the market, with hundreds of successful installations globally.

Standard products are available as off the shelf products, however, these can easily be configured to meet your specific requirement. Customization is also available, and Cryomech’s experienced R&D team will not hesitate to take on your hardest recovery challenges as new opportunities.

Cryomech’s range of liquid helium and helium  gas systems offered are:

  • Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerators
  • Helium Re-liquefiers
  • Liquid Helium Plants and Recovery Systems


MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering


Cryomech cryostats offer a sleeve and helium reservoir design. These provide refrigeration without any direct mechanical contact between the cooling station and the cryorefrigerator. Cryomech’s design feature provides cryostats with ultra-low vibration operation needed by the most sensitive cryogenic devices.


Cryomech’s reservoir design provides the benefit of thermal inertia added by the accumulated liquid helium. This thermal inertia allows cooling stations with excellent temperature stability. All our cryostats provide inherent temperature stability.


Your scientific research may require specialized equipment to perform complex procedures. We, at Cryomech, recognize this and request you to challenge us with your custom cryostat application. Some of our custom options include:

  • Optical windows
  • Location and number of instrumentation access points
  • Clamping flanges for faster sample changes
  • Sample stages with greater or less capacity
  • Sample stage mounting hole patterns


Cryomech offers the following cryostats for your needs:

  • 1K Cryostat (Provide 200 mW of cooling at ≤ 2.0 K*)
  • 4K Cryostat (Provide 0.5 W of cooling at 4.2 K**)

*Cryostat specified using Cryomech PT410 Cryorefrigerator. Different performance may be achieved with cold heads of greater or lesser capacity.

**Cryostat specified using Cryomech PT407 Cryorefrigerator. Different performance may be achieved with cold heads of greater or lesser capacity.

Cold Helium Circulation Systems

Cryomech Cold Helium Circulation Systems (CHCS) can assist with cryocooling Vibration-sensitive applications in the 20-100K range. The customer’s object is cooled by mounting it to a cold finger through which circulating, constant-pressure, and cold helium flows to absorb the heat load.  The cold helium is cryocooled by a Gifford-McMahon Cycle Cryocooler separated from the cold finger by the flexible Cold Helium Transfer Line, eliminating the vibrations. The complete system is closed-cycle and operates with the reliability of the GM Cryocoolers.

The CHCS comes in two capacity sizes:

  • CHCS120 – 120W, and
  • CHCS200 – 200W @ 80K.

Cryomech’s CHCS is a cryocooled open-flow cryostat type system. Where the open end of the flowing cold cryogen has been closed off and repumped, recryocooled, and recirculated so no cryogens are needed. Inside the vacuum chamber assembly, the cold head of the AL Series Cryocooler interfaces with the circulating cold helium. In this, the heat load added to the cold finger is pumped out of the CHCS.

Components of Gifford-McMahon Cycle Cryocooler include a compressor package, the cold head, two flexible lines and motor cord.

MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering

Liquid Nitrogen Plants

MVS Engineering offers custom built Liquid Nitrogen plants in collaboration with Cryomech. We offer systems ranging from 10 liters/day to 240 liters/day.

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