DI Water

MVS Engineering, in partnership with Aqua Solutions (USA) offers USA-made type 1 and type 2 deionized water systems for laboratory and industrial uses. Aqua Solutions systems offer customer?s systems that are reliable, easy to maintain and have a low cost of ownership due to reasonable pricing of consumables such as polishing filters, resins etc.

Type I Ultra-Pure Water 18.2 Megohm-cm

All AQUA SOLUTIONS Type I DI Systems produce 18.2 megohm-cm Ultrapure water that meets or exceeds ASTM, CAP and CLSI specifications for Type I reagent grade water. Standard Flow (2 Liters/Min) and High Flow/High Capacity (8-12 Liters/Min) versions are available in Analytical, Biological and Ultra-Low TOC versions.

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Type II Pure Water >2 Meg

Type II water is routinely used for general lab use, feed water to analyzers, pre-treatment for Type I systems, and to wash and rinse glassware either manually or in the final rinse cycle of an automatic glassware washer. AQUA SOLUTIONS Type II reagent grade Lab Water Systems produce greater than 2 megohm-cm DI water that meets or exceeds ASTM, CAP and CLSI standards for Type II water.

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