15 Nm3/hr Nitrogen plant installed for Snack Food Packing in Eastern India

Posted on: 15 Jan, 2018   |   With: 0 Comments
Category:  Gas Generation, Nitrogen, PSA Nitrogen Generators

Proud to announce installation of another PSA Nitrogen plant for Food Packaging industry to our customer in Eastern India.

Customers in food packaging industry are increasingly understanding the benefits of packing their food products like snacks, namkeens, extruded snacks, among many other foods in Nitrogen.

Nitrogen keeps the food items fresh as Nitrogen eliminates presence of oxygen and thereby inhibits growth of bacteria, mold etc. which could otherwise damage the food stuff. Nitrogen from MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. machines is also very dry. Deficiency of moisture also allows the food items to stay fresher for a longer duration.

This particular customer has installed MVS Nitrogen plant of the following specifications:

Nitrogen Capacity

15 Nm3/hr (around 2 cylinders per hour)

Nitrogen Purity

99.9% pure Nitrogen

Nitrogen Storage tank

2000 Liters (2 Nm3 stored Nitrogen)

Gas delivery pressure

5 barg

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