Ammonia Cracker for Razor Blade manufacturing

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If you shave, do you like your razor to be sharp and shiny? Obviously! Who wouldn’t…

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd.?plays a very critical role in ensuring that the razor blade, when produced, comes out nice and shiny.

During the manufacturing of the blade, the metal is subjected to very high temperatures in a heat treating furnace. In this furnace, the presence of Oxygen will cause surface blackening and affect the quality of the final blade being produced. High purity Cracked Ammonia, a mix of Hydrogen and Nitrogen, is used by manufacturers to eliminate Oxygen from their furnace and get bright surface on their blade.

Our customer is the world’s largest razor blade manufacturer and has a production unit in Northern India. They are using 2 MVS Ammonia Crackers, one of 25 Nm3/hr cracked gas capacity and another of 50 Nm3/hr capacity.

Our first unit was started up in early 2015 and customer was extremely satisfied with the troublefree operation of the plant. We are thankful for the customer placing a repeat order on MVS in 2017 for a second, larger unit.

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