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Med Expo 2015 Medical Oxygen Generator

Posted on: 18 Dec, 2015

MVS and our Principals ? OxAir (USA) had a tremendous response at ?INDIA MEDI EXPO-2015? held at Hitech Exhibition Centre from Dec 11-13th in Hyderabad. The customer engaging sessions were quite hectic but worth the responses and generating good number of new leads.

Since last 3-4 years we were working on the foundation and formed Technical collaboration with OxAir, USA. This helped us get more confidence, ultimately selling many standard models throughout India.

MVS had 38 years of experience in Industrial Nitrogen and Oxygen generators which is our proud asset, Medical Oxygen is the product what our next focus was. After doing the market research & analysis we found that Medical oxygen is available typically to hospitals by liquid tanks and cylinders which are both hazardous and costly.

Regions like south India have very High tech hospitals with the best medical facilities however the basic essential need which is Medical Oxygen is missing and is not in enough amount! Changing the cylinders periodically day or night when required was so much painful and hectic for the Hospital staff, leading to irritation and sometimes supply from the vendor is not on time.

Hence, the challenge to obtain Medical Oxygen safely and smoothly in hospitals becomes a challenge for the staff. Also, using cylinders is quite expensive and dangerous too, said one of our visitors. But thanks to the technology and standardized quality product which MVS and OxAir provides in collaboration to all such customers. The Medical Oxygen generator is a one-time Fit-&-Forget system with lower footprint and less cost on manpower compared to cylinder manifolds and labor costs.

At the exhibition we met some customers, vendors, dealers with several queries and their gestures to our solutions were breathtaking for them. When a simplified Medical Oxygen generator is just available at a cost of Rs. 7 then everyone is going to raise their eyebrows!

Yes, the cost and quality is what we had achieved in the last 3-4 years, doing our R&D, improving the system size and more of being a customized generator.

Well, as MVS has a very strong presence in South India and been doing business in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala for more than 30-years, hence B2B and B2C customers were happy to see the smoothness in Sales and Servicing which we can provide to them.

Well this is amazing and interesting!!

Are you also looking for Medical Oxygen? Just give a short email ?Need Medical Oxygen? and we will get back to you immediately!


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Stall at Hyderabad MED EXPO 2015
Stall at Hyderabad MED EXPO 2015
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