PSA Nitrogen plant for fertilizer manufacturing – Customer visit for inspection

Posted on: 9 Jan, 2018   |   With: 0 Comments
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Always a good feeling when our customers visit to inspect plants soon to be sent to them.
This MASSIVE 1000 Nm3/hr PSA Nitrogen plant, designed for 99.99% N2 purity has recently completed manufacturing and testing at MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. factory.
The plant is destined for a Fertilizer manufacturing company in India. Customer requires large quantities of Nitrogen for their catalyst regeneration process.
It would have been nearly impossible for the customer to procure bulk nitrogen from merchants and to install a cryogenic plant would have meant enormous investment. Customer’s engineering consultants recommended that they install a PSA Nitrogen plant for their requirement.
PSA Nitrogen technology is mature and MVS has been offering this in German collaboration with CarboTech since 1984.
In the PSA process, Nitrogen is produced by extracting the Nitrogen from atmospheric air, which already contains 78% Nitrogen. 21% Oxygen in the air is removed and released back to atmosphere in the PSA process.
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