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Office Stationery – We keep it shining.

During the production of many office stationery items like Staplers, Staple pins, clips, etc. – primarily metallic items – the steel requires several stages of processing.

During the processing of steel required in these items, it is heated in different types of furnaces. During the high temperature inside the furnace, Oxygen presence will cause oxidation of the metal surface and will make the surface finish very poor.

#Hydrogen is introduced inside the furnace for reacting with any oxygen and converting it to moisture. Continuous #Nitrogen purge is also used in the furnace to evacuate the moisture, maintain a dry furnace atmosphere and also prevent ingress of oxygen.

Metallurgical processing requires large quantities of Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Customers in this field of work regularly purchase MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. #PSANitrogen generators – DX Model. DX-Model is designed to give a modulated mix of Hydrogen and Nitrogen to the customer.

DX type PSA Nitrogen plants from MVS either use an external source of Hydrogen or can be integrated with low cost #AmmoniaCrackers which give a Hydrogen and Nitrogen mix.

Our customer in North India is India’s largest manufacturer of stationery items and is a very renowned exporter as well. has been using our 50 Nm3/hr DX model PSA Nitrogen plant for the last 5-years and regularly commends MVS on the quality of our plant. As the photos below show, customer has also taken utmost care of our gas plant and we thank our customer for this.

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