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MVS supplies the most advanced and market leading lab hydrogen generators from Proton OnSite, USA. From small generators that run your GC to high output generators that will run your tomorrow we are working to produce the safest, most-efficient and reliable gas systems on the planet. Proton’s team in USA is revolutionizing the way Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology is used today. As a recent recipient of the Marcum Tech Top 40 Award for Environmental & Energy Innovations, they are working with electrolysis like never before. The team is making systems that can run your instrumentation without a touch of your hand or a worry on your mind.

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Technical Facts


Flow Range

Lab gas generators are available for table top versions offering 200 to 600 cc/min hydrogen to larger floor standing units offering up to 4800 cc/min ultra-pure hydrogen.


Hydrogen Purity

G-Series, table top units for low flows, offer 99.9995% hydrogen purity. The larger G4800 unit offering 4800 cc/min flow, offers 99.9999+% hydrogen purity. G600-H2P model offering 600 cc/min flow, offers 99.99999% purity.


Hydrogen Pressure

G-series table top units offer hydrogen between 3 to 8 bar. G4800 offers hydrogen at 13.8 bar pressure.

MVS Lab Hydrogen Generator

MVS Engineering

How it works?

The G Series bench-top generators utilize PEM technology to produce ultra high purity hydrogen consistently on-site. With efficiency in mind, they sense demand and adjust production accordingly. The generators are space-saving solutions that maintain quiet and steady operation.

Well suited to meet unique purity requirements, the G600-HP generators are designed with advanced internal gas purification abilities to generate the highest purity hydrogen carrier gas on the market.

The G4800 laboratory-sized hydrogen generator is designed for multiple GC, FID and carrier gas applications. It utilizes Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell stack and PSA technology to produce UHP hydrogen for laboratory applications.


MVS supplies lab hydrogen generators manufactured in USA by Proton On Site (USA). Proton is the world leader in Proton Exchange Membrane type Hydrogen generators, having sold in excess of 2500 systems worldwide. On the Indian sub-continent, MVS and Proton together have supplied over 30 systems with reputed customers such as Indian Oil Corporation, Reliance Group, GE among many others.

MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering


Proton hydrogen generators, operating on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology work on the principle of differential pressure. Hydrogen is produced at high pressure and Oxygen is produced at a low pressure. This high differential pressure will not permit Oxygen to entrain the Hydrogen stream and thereby giving inherent safety. In case of Hydrogen leak, the on-board leak detectors will sense very low levels of Hydrogen and shut down the system in case of abnormality.


Flow200 cc/min400 cc/min600 cc/min600 cc/min4800 cc/min
Purity99.9995%(H2O < 5 ppm, O2 < 1 ppm)99.9995%(H2O < 5 ppm, O2 < 1 ppm)99.9995%(H2O < 5 ppm, O2 < 1 ppm)99.99999%(H2O < 100 ppb)99.9999+%
Output Pressure3 to 8 barg / 43 to 116 psig3 to 8 barg / 43 to 116 psig3 to 8 barg / 43 to 116 psig3 to 8 barg / 43 to 116 psig13.8 barg (200 psig)


MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering

Features & Benefits

Proton lab gas generators offer the following features:
  • Maintenance reminder
  • Removable feed water tank
  • Report alarms
  • Touch screen display

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