Exo Gas Generator

EXO-gas generators produces protective atmosphere for Heat Treatment furnaces. Lean Exo-gas or Rich Exo-gas is produced simply by changing the air to fuel ratio in burner.

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Flow Range

We custom design our exo gas generators and offer these from flows ranging from 10 to 5,000 nm3/hr capacity.


Dew Point

Our exo gas generators are designed to deliver very dry gas with dew points as low as (-) 60°C.

MVS Exo Gas Generator

MVS Engineering



Lean Exo-Gas

Lean Exo-gas is produced by burning of fuels at slightly lower sub-stoichiometric combustion air to fuel ratio. This Exo-gas is lean in CO + H2 content. Lean Exo-gas generators are suitable for non-ferrous metals heat treatment.


Rich Exo-Gas

Rich Exo-gas is produced by burning of fuel at high sub-stoichiometric combustion of air to fuel ratio. So the Exo-gas produced is rich in CO + H2 content. Rich Exo-gas generators are used for heat treatment of steel and also brazing and annealing applications.

Technology Features


Burner Technology

These gas generators are fitted with a specially designed Swirl Flame burner which gives soot free combustion and oxygen free Exo-gas even under sub-stoichiometric conditions. Burner is ignited by spark plug and flame is continuously monitored by UV-flame scanner.



By providing a Refrigerated dryer after Gas generator dew point of (+) 5°C is achieved. For (-) 60°C dew point, a Molecular Sieves dryer is provided.


Multiple Fuels

MVS exo gas generators are offered to operate on various fuel types including:

  • Natural Gas
  • LPG
  • Propane


Fuel supply to burner stops automatically and gas generator shuts down safely giving audio-visual alarm due to any problem like-low combustion air pressure, flame failure, low water flow or low fuel pressure.

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