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Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen fuel cell cars about to become a reality

7 Nov, 2013

Reference the article recently published in USA Today website and reproduced verbatim below for easy reference. USA Today article headline – Toyota cuts cost of hydrogen-fuel cell cars Article author – Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY Published Date – 5 a.m. EDT May 2, 2013 Article link – Toyota cuts cost of hydrogen-fuel cell cars (opens…

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Why Fuel Cells for Telecoms Backup is a Good Call – a report from FuelCellToday

9 Jun, 2013

FuelCellToday, The leading authority on fuel cells, has recently published a report on why fuel cells are the right move for telecom tower backup power. Article excerpt: The fuel cell is a versatile and scalable enough technology to fulfil power requirements in almost any imaginable application. In India there are 65,000 BTS being installed each…

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