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On-premises Medical Oxygen generators have been in use since the 1980s the world over and offer hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities a reliable, uninterrupted source of Oxygen. Biomedical staff no longer has to worry about constant cylinder ordering or their liquid tanks going empty. And the best part, producing oxygen on premises saves the hospital tremendously in the long run.

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How it works

Medical oxygen generators utilize the well-known and mature PSA or Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. Atmospheric air comprises of 20-21% oxygen and the PSA process utilizes Zeolite molecular sieves to extract this Oxygen from air. Medically approved oxygen at 95% ± 3% is delivered to the medical gas pipeline. Zeolites assure CO levels to be below oxygen gas purchased in cylinders or liquid.

MVS Medical Oxygen Generator

MVS Engineering

Gas Purity Acceptance

Medical Oxygen produced on-premises using a PSA oxygen generator is widely accepted by medical standards all over the world. US FDA, Indian Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia, British HTM standards are just some standards that categorically have acceptance and guidelines for use of PSA medical oxygen in their published standards.

Flow Range

Medical Oxygen generators are offered starting with small flow rates as low as 2 nm3/hr and as high as the customer’s demand calls for. We offer standard models with the following flow rates:

  • 2.5 nm3/hr
  • 5 nm3/hr
  • 10 nm3/hr
  • 15 nm3/hr
  • 20 nm3/hr

However, if your requirement falls somewhere in between or higher than the listed flows, we will customize our plants to meet your needs.

MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering


Customer may opt for a variety of configurations, such as:

  • Basic – Single medical oxygen plant is provided for online supply of oxygen, backup is provided by oxygen cylinders
  • Redundant – Two plants are provided with one acting as primary and another as the backup. Tertiary backup is provided by oxygen cylinders.
  • Cylinder-Filling Backup – Single plant is provided and a cylinder filling compressor is integrated. Customer fills cylinders for their own backup.

Oxygen Gas Pressure

Oxygen gas is typically delivered with pressure up to 5 kg/cm2g. Higher pressure is possible by adding booster compressor, but it is expensive. So, customer should only opt for higher pressure where they do not have a reliable backup source available.

In our systems, we provide an oxygen storage tank that provides backup for short durations. This allows sufficient backup for temporary outages such as power outage, system trip due to abnormality.

MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering


Q) What are the accepted standards for medical Oxygen?

Indian Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia, British HTM, US FDA standards all permit medical gas produced using the PSA process to be utilized in hospitals and medical facilities.

Q) Is it cheaper to produce Oxygen on premises than buying in cylinders or liquid?

Cylinder Oxygen/ Liquid Oxygen costs Rs. 30/- per cubic meter. Whereas in oxygen generator gas cost is only Rs. 10/- per cubic meter. So you get big cost saving. Return on investment is less than 2-years. For Oxygen cylinders handling, you need to keep 3-workers in 8 hours shift, costing Rs. 30,000/- per month, additional burden.

Q) Are medical oxygen generators reliable?

From Oxygen generator, you get oxygen all 365-days. Whereas there may be interruptions in market Oxygen supply due to non-availability of cylinders or delay in delivery of cylinders due to transportation delays. PSA is a well proven technology and thousands of such Medical Oxygen generators are being used worldwide in hospitals. These produce oxygen with steady purity and pressure of 5 kg/cm2g for supplying Oxygen through pipe line directly to beds.

Q) How much space is required for installing a medical oxygen generator?

For keeping cylinders or liquid tank, you need to keep safety distances as per factory regulations. So big space is required, whereas Oxygen generator has no such regulations and can be installed in the corridor or on the back side of hospital or on the terrace.

Q) Will I never have to order cylinders again?

We recommend that you keep a backup cylinder stock ready for dealing with any unexpected outages such as power outage for extended period, equipment maintenance etc. Keeping the equipment healthy and well-maintained will ensure that your cylinder ordering remains minimal.

Q) When will I recover my investment cost?

It is possible to recover your investment in less than 2-year time which is an attractive financial proposition for any hospital. You not only save money on the cost of oxygen, you also benefit from reduced man power cost needed for cylinders handling.

MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering


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