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Our PSA Nitrogen Generators based on German design and technology, are the most economical and reliable way of producing high purity Nitrogen gas at your own premises and take control of your gas supply for your process.

Technical Facts


Flow Range

Suitable for flows from 1 to 1500 nm3/hr. Higher flows can be achieved using multiple PSA units.


Nitrogen Purity

Purity from 98% to 99.999% is possible directly with a simple PSA unit. We recommend using our DX or Copper-DX models for higher guaranteed purity levels up to 99.9999%.



Most customers will find a system offering nitrogen at 5 kg/cm2g pressure quite suitable. However, we can deliver nitrogen directly up to 10 kg/cm2g pressure without a booster compressor.


Dew Point

Our generators deliver very dry nitrogen gas, with dew point as low as (-) 80°C. We also offer measuring instruments for online detection of gas dryness.

German Technology & Design

Our systems are designed using GERMAN technology from CarboTech AC GmbH.

We have been partners with the inventors of PSA technology – CarboTech since 1984 and continue to exclusively source our CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieves) from CarboTech.

Atmospheric air comprises of 78% nitrogen and the PSA process utilizes CMS to extract this Nitrogen from air.

PSA process consists of 2 vessels filled with Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) and Activated Alumina. Clean compressed air is passed through one vessel and nitrogen comes out as product gas. The exhaust gas (Oxygen) is discharged back into atmosphere. Upon saturation of the molecular sieve bed, the process switches Nitrogen generation to the other bed by automatic valves, while allowing the saturated bed to undergo regeneration by depressurization and purging to atmospheric pressure. Thus 2-vessels keep cycling alternately in Nitrogen production and regeneration ensuring Nitrogen gas is continuously available to your process.

MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering


Oxygen0.1 to 5%1-ppm to 500-ppm1-ppm to 3-ppm (max)1-ppm
HydrogenNilNil0.5% or moreNil
Nitrogen95 to 99.9%99.95 to 99.9999%Balance99.9999%
Dew Point(-)40° to (-)80°C(-)40° to (-)80°C(-)40° to (-)80°C(-)40° to (-)80°C
ApplicationsAs inert gas in Dhemical industries Food/Packaging,Furnaces,Pharmaceutical industries, for fire control in coal mines etc.As inert gas in Chemical industries,Pharamaceutical industries, Heat Treatment Electronics and Synthetic Fiber IndustriesAs inert gas in Chemical & Metallurgical Industries.In applications where Oxygen impurity is not acceptable.As inert gas in Electronics,Synthetic Fiber, Hi-tech industries where one needs Ultra-high purity Nitrogen.
N2 Capacity1 to 5000 M3/hr1 to 2000 M3/hr1 to 5000 M3/hr1 to 2000 M3/hr


Q) What is the purity of Nitrogen gas?

Several models are available to produce Nitrogen gas from 95% to 99.9999% purity. Oxygen level can be obtained as low as 1-ppm and Dew Point up to (-) 80°C.

Q) Does this Gas generator require an operator?

Continuous supervision is not needed. Once started, it can be left unattended. Several instruments monitor and control the running of Gas generator automatically.

Q) Can we get Nitrogen generator of size exactly as per our Nitrogen demand?

Yes, Nitrogen Generators are tailor made as per customer’s specifications of Nitrogen Purity and Nitrogen capacity. However, standard sizes are available as mentioned on Page-5.

Q) What is life of Molecular Sieves?

Life of Molecular Sieves is around 10-years and in majority of the cases it lasts whole lifetime of the Gas generator. However, Molecular Sieves life is reduced by oil in air. Therefore, it is essential to use special pre-filters if lubricated air is used and filters should be replaced timely.

Q) Is it easy to install?

Yes. The Gas generator is supplied fully assembled on steel frames which are kept on floor. You simply connect power and the Gas generator becomes ready for start-up. We provide services of Engineer to supervise its installation and commissioning at site.

Q) What is Maintenance Schedule?

The “Maintenance Schedule” is given in our “Operation Manual”. The maintenance is limited to only replacement of filter elements and preventive maintenance in Air Compressor.

Q) Does it make any noise?

The noise level is less than 75dbA at 1-meter distance. A very effective silencer is provided in exhaust line. the total Gas Generator Package is “very silent”.

Q) What happens if Gas generator does not produce required purity?

An On-line Oxygen Analyzer continuously monitors Nitrogen purity and shuts down the Gas generator automatically with alarm if purity drops below set limit.

Q) What happens to the Gas generator if the gas consumption is lower than Gas generator capacity?

Gas generator is designed to run continuously all 24-hours. But, if gas is not being consumed orconsumption is low, pressure gradually builds up in Nitrogen Storage Tank. An automatic pressure switch stops the Gas generator. When pressure in the Nitrogen tank falls due to continuous gas consumption, the pressure switch automatically restarts the Gas generator.

Q) What is Nitrogen generation cost and how am I benefited?

The only expense in this Gas generator is of electricity for Air Compressor. Running cost is $0.05 (Rs. 3/-) per cubic meter of Nitrogen produced. This is very low as compared to cylinder Nitrogen cost of $0.35 (Rs. 20/-) per cubic meter. So, there is big cost saving when you install such Gas generator. Pay back period is only 1 to 2-years.

MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering


Our PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators are widely used across many industries including:

  • Tyre filling (Automotive, Aircrafts, Dumpers, Mine Trucks)
  • Fuel Tank Inerting (Petrochemical Complexes, Chemical Factories, Aircrafts)
  • Autoclaves and Furnaces
  • Blanketing for many industries (adhesives, pesticides, agro, pharmaceuticals)
  • Metal processes (heat treatment, annealing, sintering)
  • Fire prevention (cement, coal mines, mines)
  • Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals (Pigging, Blanketing, Headspace filling, Pipeline drying)
  • Laboratories (LCMS, Turbo Vap, GC, GCMS)
  • Offshore Platforms & FPSOs
  • Oil cargo ships and oil tankers
  • Flex printing
MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering


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