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Water Electrolysis

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Low power consumption

Besides DM Water, power is the single main utility requirement and it is paramount that power consumption be kept to a bare minimum. Hence, in our design power consumption only 4.8 KW per M3 of Hydrogen. At this low power consumption, our design is one of the most efficient generator in the market.
Additionally, since our Hydrogen plants produce gas directly at 15-Bar pressure, for several processes there isn’t a requirement of a booster compressor.

Ultra-safe operation

Safe operation is incorporated in our systems right at the design stage. Our totally automated machine allows for a safe shutdown of the entire plant in the unlikely case that there is any malfunction or loss of purity.

Safe operating environment

In our design, there is no Air pollution and no fumes. Electrolyte is in closed cells so there are no fumes in the atmosphere. This also prevents blow off gases and there is no spillage of electrolyte.

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