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Nitrogen / LCMS

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Features UNMATCHED by others
• Touch-Screen Display
• Oxygen purity indicator
• Service maintenance diary
• Tri-gas output option (Zero-Air & Nitrogen from same unit)
• Variable Nitrogen flow control
• Variable Pressure control
• Built-in air compressor option
• Upgradeable on-site to higher Nitrogen flow as the lab needs grow
• Pan-India Service network with 40+ engineers & local channel partners
• Global service beyond India with easy access to South Asia, South-East Asia, Middle East and beyond

Ready to Use
‣ Shipped ready for installation
‣ Designed for reliability and rapid deployment

Fast Start

Cost Savings
‣ Competitive pricing
‣ Low operating expenses
‣ Negligible maintenance costs
‣ Easy to operate and maintain

World-class Design

Convenient and safe
‣ ZEN-Series systems eliminate safety hazards associated with traditional gas supplies such as cylinders

Long Life
‣ Systems typically have a life of 10-years or more

Environmental Benefits
‣ Elimination of cylinder deliveries and transportation leads to a reduced carbon footprint.

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