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Medical Oxygen

Flow Converter

Pressure Converter

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity

    5 NM3/hr to 200 NM3/hr

  • Purity
    93% to 95%
  • Pressure
    Up to 5-Bar without Oxygen booster compressor
  • Dew Point
    (-) 40˚C

Leading Supplier of Oxygen for Hospitals/Medical in India

We offer Medical Oxygen generators in US collaboration. Our principals are global leaders in Medical oxygen generator supply having supplied hundreds of units in more than 35 countries.
The heart of the Medical Oxygen system the PSA unit is based on proven technology from USA. The PSA unit is fully automatic and very reliable.
Oxygen gas delivered by our Medical Oxygen generator conforms to all major Pharmacopeia such as Indian Pharmacopeia, US Pharmacopeia, British HTM standards, European Pharmacopeia etc.

About PSA Oxygen use in Medical Field

PSA (Pressure Wing Adsorption) process uses zeolites Molecular sieves to produce oxygen from atmosphere. “Oxygen 93%” contains not less than 90% Oxygen & not more than 96%, remainder consisting mostly of Argon and Nitrogen and thousands of such installations have proven these are safe for medical use.

Oxygen Product Range
Oxygen Product Range

Considering thousands of hospitals around the world, that have been using Onsite Oxygen production for several years, our Health care facilities should be more confident on use of such Onsite Oxygen generators. They have lot to gain by their own Oxygen production Onsite.

Oxygen Purity

Our medical oxygen generator is manufactured in accordance with ASME Code & it meets Indian, European and United States Pharmacopeia Oxygen 93% monograph. It is Oxygen from Air by Molecular Sieve process . “Oxygen 93% “contains less than 90% Oxygen & not more than 96% remainder consisting mostly of Argon and Nitrogen” and thousands of such installations have proved the are safe for medical use.

Oxygen Pressure

Pressure in Oxygen Buffer tank is continuously monitored by pressure transmitter. Whenever Oxygen Buffer vessel pressure falls below 3.5 Bar, an alarm is sounded.
Another pressure transmitter is provided in the pipeline to indicate when reserve supply system is to be actuated

Why not Cylinder BUT Generator:
• Safe delivery of gas.
• No handling of Oxygen cylinders.
• Economy & decrease in Oxygen cost.
• Oxygen available round the clock in-house.
• Easy to use.
• Low maintenance.
• Eliminate the expense of purchasing , receiving and monitoring oxygen supply for hospitals.
• Economical.

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