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Amazing! Exciting! A giant leap Forward!

This in essence captures our viewpoint on Hydrogen development in India. We are excited to see that finally “Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles” in India is getting to the point where it is moving beyond just labs and theoretical discussions.

Recently, Times of India published an article that speaks about New Delhi Autorickshaws powered by Hydrogen fueled Internal Combustion Engines. This is a innovative in that it breaks out from the traditional mold of Fuel Cell driven vehicles. However, based on our current analysis of cost of production of Hydrogen in the short term and lack of infrastructure for supply of Hydrogen will be major impediments to growth of this particular technology. Nevertheless, this is a step in the right direction and we are excited about the future here in India.

Article link on HT :

Relevant snippets from the article reproduced verbatim –


Hydrogen, so far used terrestrially in some avantgarde customized cars and experimental bus fleets, will run 15 autorickshaws developed as part of an IIT-Delhi project. But unlike London’s hydrogen buses and California’s Hydrogen Highway project that use complicated fuel-cell technology, the Delhi autos will be built around cheaper internal combustion engines.

“No one can turn a blind eye to the environmental degradation caused by vehicles. In fact, before CNG came, Delhi had become unlivable . So, despite all the criticism that my research was too futuristic , I pursued it. Now the world knows that aggressive steps are required to mitigate the environmental damage that has been done,” he says.

Unlike petroleum-derived hydrocarbon fuels, pure hydrogen does not produce toxic carbon monoxide or the heat-trapping carbon dioxide on combustion. There are no oxides of sulphur, nor any particulates. Water vapour and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) are the only byproducts.

Meanwhile, the HyAlfa, which resembles Mahindra’s Alfa autos commonly seen in NCR towns, awaits its commercial launch and will be the first mass-produced hydrogen-run internal combustion engine vehicle in the world. The higher price of the modified engine and fuel system is a challenge, though, for its target market. The economics of running these autos in Delhi is yet to be worked out. But Das, Subhash and their team are looking forward to the day when the technology will become an example for the world and give Delhiites a chance to have a smooth ride with less noise and smoke.

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