India suffers from expensive and inefficient Hydrogen facility planning of Thermal Power plants

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Hydrogen, the lightest, highest energy content and most combustible gas must be treated with caution. Past 60 years, our engineers and plant owners have had to contend with old technology plants using corrosive Caustic lye, and for umpteen reasons, difficult to control for safety, plant engineering.

With such profound and dangerous experience, with great aplomb, and concern for safety, our best in engineering planners have constructed Hydrogen plant at a remote place within the Thermal plant site. The sound logic being, that if this plant has an accident, the main plant and it?s personnel shall be safe. Having located the Hydrogen plant in a remote zone, made necessary further investments in Hydrogen compressors, Hydrogen cylinders, and cylinder filling facilities.

The present day investment price for Hydrogen plant has ballooned to Rs. 60 to 70 Million. It is the total bill, for the plant, building, and associated facilities.

Then, very interesting is, that the actual on-line day to day requirement of Hydrogen is very small. This makes economic plant engineering and design even more challenging!

Using the 3rd generation Solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) differential pressure Water Electrolysis hydrogen plant, excellently addresses the issues of ?safety?, ?cost effective? installed cost, and very ?reliable? round the clock delivery of ?high purity? hydrogen.

Using On-line delivery, direct from the safe to use, Proton SPE technology Hydrogen generator ? to the Turbine Alternators ? meeting their day to day needs of ultra pure and dry hydrogen gas, even a 6 x 660 MW Thermal power project can be served by investing just Rs. 25 million or lower.

Until 2020, India?’s leading Power plant owner, NTPC shall be constructing 20 new Power plant sites. SPE Differential pressure water electrolysis Hydrogen generation systems can save NTPC and the nation, Rs. 500 million in Capital costs.

As a result of better engineering, simpler design and lesser moving parts, there are more savings from O & M costs aggregating to INR 2.20 Million per plant per year.

Author: Mr. Rajeev Bhalla (V.P., Marketing, MVS Engineering Ltd.)

About the author: Rajeev is a technology evangelist and also a leading authority in on-site gas generation solutions. Hydrogen is a passion for Rajeev and he takes an all encompassing view when it comes to generation of Hydrogen. He takes a lot of interest to review Hydrogen from the user’s standpoint and hence is able to guide customers in selection of best-of-breed technologies. You may contact him at “rajeev @”.

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