Need to introduce high pressure bullet vessels for delivered Hydrogen

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Hydrogen is the lightest element. Technically it is more challenging to liquefy in comparison to Nitrogen or Oxygen, though surely possible. We just cannot escape the fact that the gas transport vessel is much heavier than the gas per se, unless liquefied.

The pressure determines the transport cost. The next cost determinant is volume of the transport vessel used.

India, like other industrially mature nations very badly needs to introduce High Pressure Bullet vessels for Hydrogen gas transport. Data below will explain the compelling reasons.

Common commercial gas cylinder is of 46.7 liter water capacity charged with gas at 150 Bar, and it?s tare weight is 51 kg. Such Cylinder carries 7 NM? gas. Common 6 wheel truck has payload of about 12.5 MT, means it will transport about 250 Cylinders. Means this truck can carry maximum 1750 NM? Hydrogen gas.

High pressure Bullet Vessel, 300 mm Dia. ax 6 meters length will hold 350 liters geometrical volume gas at 300 Bar and the vessel shall weigh 470 kg. The 12.5 MT payload truck can carry 26 such bullet vessels and transport (0.35 ax 300 ax 26) 2730 NM? Hydrogen gas.

Notice that for the same GVV Truck and ensuing logistics cost, using Gas Bullets will reduce transport cost by 35 percent.

Author: Mr. Rajeev Bhalla (V.P., Marketing, MVS Engineering Ltd.)

About the author: Rajeev is a technology evangelist and also a leading authority in on-site gas generation solutions. Hydrogen is a passion for Rajeev and he takes an all encompassing view when it comes to generation of Hydrogen. He takes a lot of interest to review Hydrogen from the user’s standpoint and hence is able to guide customers in selection of best-of-breed technologies.

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