Nitrogen Gas Generators for Pharmaceutical Industries

Posted on: 6 Dec, 2010   |   With: 2 Comments
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The inert properties of Nitrogen gas makes it ideal blanketing gas in pharmaceutical application where it is needed to prevent oxidation and degradation of chemicals and powder by atmospheric oxygen and moisture.

Protection is achieved by keeping these items under Nitrogen atmosphere. This is also termed as Nitrogen Blanketing, Nitrogen Padding or Nitrogen Inertisation in which Air is displaced by Nitrogen.

Nitrogen is also used to maintain an inert and protective atmosphere in tanks storing flammable liquids, pulverizing of Sulphur compounds to prevent explosion, pneumatic conveying of powders to prevent oxidation, purging of pipelines and vessels to expel dangerous vapours and gases after completion of a pipeline transfer or end of production run.

MVS Engineering has supplied nearly 1000 Nitrogen Generators. We have an extensive list of Nitrogen Generators in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry. For such Nitrogen Gas Plants for your application, you please contact our sales department or send us your enquiry.

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