Nitrogen use in chemicals industry

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Chemicals and resins manufacturing processes require large quantities of Nitrogen. Nitrogen being a gas with excellent inert properties is widely used in this industry for processes including preservation of chemicals, prevention of oxidation of raw materials, prevention of combustion during storage of chemicals and for purging machines prior to and during the manufacturing process. Many chemical industries handle volatile and combustible chemicals. Elimination of oxygen is a key concern as absence of oxygen largely alleviates the fire hazard.

Our customer in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had bought the first nitrogen production unit from MVS in 2013. With an excellent experience with the quality and reliability of MVS machines, customer has reposed their confidence in MVS by placing an additional order for 2 more nitrogen production systems that have recently been brought into operation. Actual site photographs from the customer site is a testament to MVS quality. We thank the customer for their support during the installation and commissioning of these 2 new machines. One nitrogen machine is capable of production 25 Nm3/hr nitrogen at 99.99% purity and the second nitrogen machine is producing 50 Nm3/hr nitrogen, also at 99.99% purity.

Should you be interested in a similar machine for your company, please contact our sales staff, who will address your requirement promptly.

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