Oxygen Gas for Delignification and Bleaching

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4 months ago MVS has successfully supplied and commissioned Oxygen Gas Plant to one of the biggest Agro based paper plants located in Punjab. They manufacture Paper using wheat straw, sarkanda etc. The company has manifested itself as quality producer of writing/printing paper.

Customer purchased Oxygen Gas Plants from MVS of following specifications:

Technology: PSA Technology

Capacity: 200 NM3/hr

Application: Delignification & Bleaching

Purity: 93% Oxygen

The customer experienced a huge cost savings and their cost of producing Oxygen came down to only Rs. 6 to 7 per m3. Earlier the customer was using Cylinders or Bulk supplied Oxygen in tanks but changed to Oxygen gas procured form MVS Engineering Limited.

Oxygen Delignification offers significant operating cost advantages and is a recognized way to enhance yield in bleached kraft pulp production. Oxygen (O2) delignification is one of the most important processes in today?s pulp bleaching technology. The process uses oxygen to reduce active chlorine requirements in the bleach plant, and is an important step towards total chlorine free (TCF) and elemental chlorine free (ECF) pulp production.

Recently, oxygen delignification has been recognized as one of the strategic technologies which offer yield enhancement in bleached pulp production. The most important environmental impact of oxygen delignification is the reduction or elimination of adsorbable organic halides (AOX).

Bleaching, combined with Oxygen delignification and other non-chlorine bleaching technologies, enables mills to curb emissions and meet environmental standards cost effectively. The process results in a higher percentage of recycled process water, lower chemical oxygen demand discharges, and reduced color in mill waste.

Prior to introduction of Oxygen in delignification, the paper industry extensively used chlorine for bleaching of pulp and this leads to air and water pollution. Of late, with an eye towards reducing pollution and for safer manufacturing processes, the paper industry has adopted delignification and bleaching by use of Oxygen gas.

The benefits of Oxygen for these processes include:

  1. Reduction of emissions from the bleaching process
  2. Consumption of hazardous and expensive oxidizing chemicals is reduced
  3. Reduces Landfill Solids
  4. Reduction of corrosion problems
  5. On-site generation of Oxygen can solve chemical availability and transportation problems

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